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Who is the Extraordinary and How Do We Support Them?

Our father often says that everything in life is divided according to the Gaussian curve of probability.
The majority of us, our talents and weaknesses oscillate around the middle of this curve reaching no further than a mere average leaving the room on the ends for those truly extraordinary. Many foundations support the people who unfortunately are on the negative end of the curve and are handicapped in a way. Of course, their activities are noble and worth following, yet let us look on the other - extraordinary side. On this side of the Gaussian curve, here we find those luckier ones, the ones who were probably born with exceptional abilities, and talents. They have a gift that needs to be developed. These individuals deserve our support, too. They need to be given the opportunity to be on the right place at the right time and with the right people. Others among us have a different ability, or perhaps luck to earn a lot of money, and we want to support the artistic afflatus, help create things that give our hectic lives new dimensions.

As little children, we used to play near our grandfather. I still remember the smell of the oil paint with which he painted his, little bit naive, landscapes. He was a painter-decorator and he had no opportunity to develop his artistic talent back then. His paintings remained unseen, well, decorating our cottage...

So let us support those Extraordinary who have the potential to give birth to something beautiful in the area of visual fine arts.

Mária Drahošová
President of the Board of the NOVUM foundation

Mária Drahošová

NOVUM - Foundation for New Art

NOVUM Foundation in cooperation with the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (VŠVU/AFAD) announces a scholarship programme for talented artists from Slovakia.

The objective of the programme is a systematic support of excellent artists from a wide range of contemporary visual art, design, and architecture in their efforts to achieve international success. The scholarship provided in the programme can be used to cover the costs of any kind related to their efforts (e. g. renting studios, preparing exhibitions, participation in exhibitions, participation in workshops and symposia, purchase of materials, travel expenses, etc.). Selected applicants will be supported by an amount ranging from EUR 5.000 – 15.000. The scholarship has to be used in accordance with the artist´s intention formulated in the motivation letter. The change of artist’s plans is subject to approval by the Board of the Foundation. .

Repeated and long-term support of the same candidates is possible in the event they demonstrate the attainment of the programme´s objectives at the scheduled time.

Application deadlines are published on the Foundation´s website.

Conditions for participation: Eligible applicants for the programme are those Slovak visual artists whose personality traits and previous creative endeavours indicate they will have had the potential to achieve international success. The condition for participation is the execution of at least three independent exhibitions in renowned galleries or cultural institutions. For architects „exhibitions” are understood as architectural work.

Applications in the next year of the programme – The application shall be filed online via the Foundation's website (www.nadacianovum.sk)

Applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail upon the receipt of their application.

Incomplete applications will be excluded from the selection process. The application expenses are not reimbursed.

The selection of candidates is carried out by the Foundation Board of Directors in cooperation with selected experts. The Board of Directors announces the finalists of the selection process within six months following the application deadline.
The finalists will be invited for a personal interview by the Board. Final decision will rendered by the jury in cooperation with the invited experts. Winners will be announced within nine months after the application deadline. Meetings of the jury are not public and the Board is not obliged to explain the decision.

The Foundation Board of Directors

Head of the Board of Directors:

Mária Drahošová

Members of the Board of Directors:

Ivan Gerát
Barbara Schreinerová
Stanislav Stankoci
Marián Zervan

The first year

In the first year there were 29 artists who fulfilled the criteria set by the NOVUM Foundation. In the first round they were evaluated by the members of the Board. The quality of the work of all 29 artists was very high igniting long and perspicacious conversations within the Board. In the second round the works of these artists were submitted to foreign assessors from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, and Germany in a form of anonymous portfolios. „We were interested in the opinion of renowned experts, to tell us whether there are any applicants standing a chance to speak to a critical and receptive audience while conceiving something unique and „Extraordinary“. We have received an inspiring feedback and evaluation enabling us to select the finalists and respectively, the winners.” - said the President of the Board. The festive evaluation of the winners in the first year of the competition took place at hotel Gate One in Bratislava on 28 May 2015. The winners of the first year were: Štefan Papčo, Dominik Hlinka, Juraj Sukop.

The second year

We are delighted, that following the successful first-year- competition of the visual art projects' support, there were even larger number of the very talented and perspective artists, being enlisted into the second year.

The criteria announced by the Foundation were fulfilled by 44 registered artists, who managed to get through a four-round selection process. The finalists were evaluated in the first round by the members of the Foundation Board of Directors. When selecting, we went through the high quality portfolios many a time of already highly acknowledged authors. The decision making process is not an easy task and therefore, as we had stated at the beginning of our existence, we invited the foreign experts in two rounds. We would like to thank Mr. Beke from Hungary, Mr. Havránek, Švácha, Ševčík and Zálešák from the Czech Republic and Mr. Zaunschirm from Austria for their inspiring opinions that we took into account in the selection process. The final decision was taken by the Foundation Board after long running discussions about the submitted individual projects, their quality as well as their further development potential.

We have decided to support three of the six projects, whose authors were: Svetlana Fialová, Ján Kekeli, Marek Kvetan, Jaroslav Kyša, Magda Stanová and Martin Špirec

At the award ceremony on June 15, 2016 in Rivers Club, the grant for their project was received by Ján Kekeli (video), Marek Kvetan (video) and Magda Stanová (video) . Because of the balance quality of the projects they will be supported by the same amount of 10 000 €.

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Application form:

The application procedure for the third year of competition is terminated. The names of finalists will be made known in April 2017, the award ceremony will take place in June 2017.

Please, support us!

Direct donations to the Foundation’s bank account:

Account number: 2929911929/1100 (Tatra banka)
IBAN: SK57 1100 0000 0029 2991 1929

For further information related to support and donations, please contact us via phone or e-mail below:
Veronika Kucharská, +421 910 569 246



NOVUM Foundation
Digital Park III,Einsteinova 19
Bratislava 851 01






Veronika Kucharská, +421 910 569 246

All applications must be submitted in an electronic format on-line.


Dom umenia / Kunsthalle Bratislava Bratislava City Gallery Slovak National Gallery Slovak Union of Visual Arts Slovak Design Centre Slovak Architects Society Vlna magazine Academy of Fine arts

Frequently asked questions:

1. What is an expert opinion?

An expert opinion comprises the expert evaluation of the artist's work assessing the perspective of a future success and artistic development.

2. Should the documentation of exhibitions cover already executed projects or the upcoming ones?

The documentation should cover the past and already executed project.

3. Do I have to attach the planned budget to the application?

No, you don't have to attach the planned budget as a separate document. However it should be mentioned in the motivation letter; one paragraph should be devoted to the outlined budget.

4. Is it possible to use the Foundation‘s support for publishing a catalogue/monograph?

Yes. The support (financial resources) given to the artist by the foundation has no particular restrictions, as long as it is used in an accordance with the artist‘s artistic endeavors.

5. I have not received a confirming e-mail following my registration. What to do?

First and foremost, please check your spam settings. If it’s not there, please go to the Foundation web site (www.nadacianovum.sk), into the application section, click „application“ and follow the link for re-sending your e-mail. It is possible that the system is blocking all sent e-mails and preventing you from obtaining your receipts. In such case, please send an e-mail to: novum@nadacianovum.sk from your e-mail address used for the registration and we will activate your account..

6. Is it possible to re-enter the competition/submission process in consecutive years?

Yes, is it possible to apply for grants and receive support consecutively; in both cases, awarded and non-awarded applications.

7. How does the selection of registered candidates work?

There is a three-round selection process. After the second round the finalists are selected from which the winners will be chosen in the third round. At the end of each round only the members of the Foundation Board make decisions. In the second (double blind review) and the third round foreign and local art critics and historians as well as curators are addressed to elaborate expert opinions and recommendations. Their number and structure isn‘t constant and will change annually, whereby some of them may also continue in the following years. Definite decision about the grant is given by the Foundation Board, whose composition is relatively stable. It is thus through a connection of variability and continuity we would like to ensure the fulfilment of the Foundation aims and at the same time to avoid inconsistent selections that can happen when commissions change annually or every two years.